Exosome based therapeutics


Exogenus Therapeutics is an innovative biotech start-up dedicated to early stage development of therapeutic tools. Using an exosome-based platform technology, Exogenus is developing biologic products for diseases with high unmet needs, such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.


The company was founded by two researchers, Joana Simões Correia and Ricardo Neves and one manager, Luísa Marques. The project that led to the creation of the company (Nanoinspire) participated in COHiTEC 2014 program and is the result of the research developed in collaboration between the Centre for Neurosciences and Cellular Biology of Coimbra University, Crioestaminal SA, and Biocant.

Founded in June 2015, the company has so far secured around €2M funding, of which €900K from venture capital firms, and the excess in R&D grants and awards. In the context o COVID-19 pandemic, the company recently attracted P2020 funds to develop a solution for severe lung inflammation, a condition with limited treatment options, and a common cause of death following SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Exo-T received the Young Entrepreneur Award by ANJE in 2015, and the Everis Award in 2016. In the same year, the company obtained the SME Instrument Phase 1 support from the European Commission, and in 2017 the company was a finalist of the Alira Health – EWMA (European Wound Management Association) Award, recognizing Exo-T as one of the top 5 most Innovative Companies worldwide in wound care. In 2018, Exogenus therapeutics was awarded the Empreendedor XXI prize organized by CaixaBank and BPI.


Joana Simões Correia

Founder, Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer

Luisa Marques


Silvia Rodrigues

Laboratory Staff

Ricardo Neves


Patrícia Freire

R&D and Innovation Manager

Board and Advisors