It was announced today that Exogenus Therapeutics (Exo-T) is the winner of the Everis Foundation Award 2016.

The award, which every year distinguishes projects from Industry, Biotechnology & Health, and Digital Economy originating from countries where the Everis Group has operations, counted in this XV edition with more than 600 applications from 10 different countries.

Exo-T was the only Portuguese project that reached the final this year after a competitive Biotech & Health round, and now joins a handful of Portuguese projects awarded in previous years, demonstrating that Portuguese technologies meet the highest international standards. As a winner, Exo-T will be awarded 60.000 euros, and will have access to consultancy from i-deals, the technology broker of Everis, valued at 10.000 euros.

Joana Simões Correia stated that “We are very proud to be awarded this prize, wining over other great projects with shorter time-to-market. It proves that there is a good understanding about the size of the problem we are trying to solve, and confidence in the potential of our solution. We are thankful for all the important support received from the Everis Foundation until now, and we look forward to continue working with them. This is a great way to finish the year 2016 and it will certainly give extra motivation for the team to keep going!”