Exosome RNA, an online publication featuring the hottest trends in global exosome research, recently highlighted Exogenus Therapeutics’ contribution to the field, by mentioning our recent publication in Stem Cells Translational Medicine.

Exogenus Therapeutics developed and optimized a manufacturing methodfor the production of small extracellular vesicles(sEV) with high yieldand low contamination.This GMPcompatible method can be standardized and upscaled for clinical application. By applying our optimized methodology to secretions from umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells, we can produce sEV withstrongregenerative properties,as shown with in vitroand in vivomodels of wound healing.

Exogenus Therapeutics is proud to be at the forefront of biotechnological advances in the field of extracellular vesiclesand to share these developments with the scientific community.Visit ExosomeRNA’s website to read their feature article. You can also have a look at our openaccess publication by clicking here.