Exogenus Therapeutics announces that its exclusively licensed patent entitled “USE OF UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD DERIVED EXOSOMES FOR TISSUE REPAIR” has been granted in Japan. The patent describes the use of exosomes naturally secreted by umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells as a therapeutic alternative for tissue regeneration.

Umbilical cord blood represents a privileged source of cells with strong regenerative potential, that is largely mediated by exosomes carrying specific microRNAs. Exogenus has managed to successfully show that a solution rich in umbilical cord blood-derived exosomes (Exo-101) can be safely used for tissue regeneration, including wound healing. Among other tissue repair disorders, chronic wounds exemplify a largely prevalent but silent health problem predicted to increase over the next years, that is poorly managed by current available strategies.

Our CEO, and co-inventor of the patent, commented: “We are very proud of this step, which reflects our commitment to perform impactful science and innovation worldwide. It is also an important development for Exogenus Therapeutics, strengthening our international IP positioning within the exosome therapeutics space and focusing on strong markets.”

As one of the world’s leading exosome biotech companies, Exogenus constantly strives to bring innovative, effective, and safe therapies to patients with high unmet needs, and is now aiming to expand the use of these proprietary extracellular vesicles as a treatment option for other tissue repair disorders and disease contexts.