Exogenus Therapeutics CEO, Joana Simões Correia, is again an invited speaker at the 3rd Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit, taking place virtually on November 17th and 18th, as part of a panel discussion about “Comparing Engineered & Naturally Derived Exosomes for Therapeutic Benefit”. The event develops with topics ranging from preclinical and clinical datato EV characterization and large scale production, this summit gathers an impressive list of experts to present recent advances and discuss major R&D challenges and opportunities.

Referring to this great event, Joana SimõesCorreia commented: “The list of speakers is phenomenal, and includes the most prominent industry and academia leaders in the field of extracellular vesicles. I am looking forward to expand our network and have productive discussions about how to push the field even futher.”

With a particular interest in naturally derived EVs, Exogenus has demontrated the therapeutic potential of umbical cord blood derived EVs, and aims to continue adding arguments to show that we can harness nature’s own mechanisms as tools for improve human health.

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