Today the final event of the InnoCore Challenge took place in Granada, Spain. Teams of MSc and PhD students were challenged to propose solutions for real problems faced by companies. Instead of focusing only on the scientific solutions, the teams also had to estimate the time and budget needed to complete the work, and assess the impact of their proposal on the companies’ business and IP status.

Four companies participated alongside Exogenus Therapeutics, each with their own team of solvers: Nanogetics, Chemicare, Toxfinder and Dompé. We want to congratulate all participants, who did an excellent job. A special mention to the Nanogetics team, who won the challenge by pitching a detailed solution on how to improve exosome-based cancer detection.

We cannot fail to mention the outstanding work done by Ágata Carreira, Anna Tresso, Miguel Lopes, Elisa Moretti and Matteo Carletti – team Exogenus – who placed second in the challenge, showing how good teamwork can lead to innovative solutions for the use of exosomes in the treatment of intestinal bowel disorders.

Finally, thank you to the organizers and mentors, particularly Luísa Cortes and Daniela Tršová, who supported students in their activities.

This challenge was a fantastic opportunity for students to solve real world problems, practice their pitch skills and interact with the biotech industry. From our side, it was an honor to meet the next great generation of scientists and entrepreneurs. We look forward to more similar initiatives in the future.

To watch all pitches click here