Labiotech, a Berlin-based digital media company covering biotech, recently published an article highlighting Portuguese success stories, which include Exogenus Therapeutics and other “neighbors” headquartered in Biocant (Cantanhede), such as Immunethep and Biotrend.

The article mentions recent successes experienced by several Portuguese companies, which include the acquisition of Lymphact by Gamma Delta Therapeutics and of GenIbet by Recipharm. Exogenus’s recent partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim was not left unnoticed in this feature that included 14 other Portuguese companies to watch out for.

We are proud to be among the top Portuguese biotech companies and congratulate all other featured companies for their hard work over the years. This recognition is especially meaningful when competing in the international biotech ecosystem, where funding discrepancies become highly palpable, as evidenced last year by the same publication. 

To read the full article describing 15 inspiring Portuguese biotech companies, click here.