We are proud to be awarded at the 5th Blue Bio Value Accelerator, which included the participation of 18 selected startups from 12 countries. This international cohort focused on innovative solutions aligned with blue economy principles.

Organized by Oceano Azul Foundation, Calouste Gulbekian Foundation, Blue Bio Alliance, and Maze, the 7-week program allowed startups to delve into their vision, with topics ranging from IP and impact measurement to hiring and fundraising.

Our team’s project, led by Joana Correia and Patricia Freire, aims to add value to the microalgae industry, while decreasing its water footprint. Still keeping with the company’s focus on exosomes and other extracellular vesicles, the vision to expand to different source materials is clearly intentional. Patricia Freire commented: “Microalgae are grown in a controlled environment using highly scalable processes. Part of Portugal’s identity relies on sustainable blue solutions, which is why we know our project is well aligned with the country’s resources and capabilities. Now we just want to use these resources as efficiently as possible.”

Exogenus Therapeutics was chosen as one of the three winners, along with Proteon Pharmaceuticals and Sophie’s Bionutrients. But the true value came from participating in the program, as explained by Joana Correia: “Winning the program is great as a recognition of our impact, and the prize will help us to further develop our model. Still, the opportunity we had to meet with so many leaders and coaches in this new field during the 7-week program was invaluable. I am confident Exogenus will continue to push the exosome field, not only in therapeutics but also in new markets, always keeping sustainability in mind.”

A special thanks to Blue Bio Alliance, Oceano Azul Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Maze and all the excellent mentors who organized and participated in this program.

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