A meeting report from the 2021 massivEVs workshop entitled “Large-scale production of extracellular vesicles: Report on the “massivEVs” ISEV workshop” is now online. The massivEVs workshop took place on October 2021 and addressed the efforts towards large scale EV production and manufacturing. The workshop featured the dialogue between researchers from academia and industry, clinicians, and industrial partners. MassivEVs workshops developed topics ranging from technologies and equipment for EV manufacturing, upscaling issues, and process development in compliance to good manufacturing practices, product validation and regulatory problems. 

The meeting report was elaborated by all attendees (Exogenus Therapeutics was represented by Carla Pereira) and summarizes the major outcomes from the massivEVs. This paper describes the challenges and possible solutions of large-scale production of extracellular vesicles and manufacturing. The massivEVs report aims to translate the workshop proceeding into guidelines. 

Check out the publication here