Exogenus Therapeutics is proud to announce a strategic investment led by 3xP Global.
This funding of 3xP Global will significantly advance the development of Exogenus lead product, Exo-101, that derived from umbilical cord blood cells and has shown promise in multiple pre-clinical models for its safety and efficacy in addressing degenerative and inflammatory conditions.

Joana Correia, Co-founder and CEO of Exogenus Therapeutics, stated, “This investment marks a pivotal moment for us as we aim to accelerate the development of extracellular vesicle-based products. We are really proud to receive this endorsement from 3xP Global and look forward to making significant advancements in the field, hopefully soon benefiting patients with high unmet needs, and boosting the development of other extracellular vesicle-based products.”
Miguel Lemos, Board Member of 3XP Global adds, “Exogenus has been paving the way for the therapeutic usage of extracellular vesicle-based products. It has the recognition of some of the top rating pharma players in this field. In 3xP we are very happy to be part of this project, leaded by Joana, and supported by a heartened and dedicated team.”

The funds will contribute to scaling up the production of Exo-101 and advancing it towards GMP standards, in preparation for future clinical applications.
Exogenus is also expanding its research into additional markets and exploring partnerships to accelerate the development of other extracellular vesicle-based products.